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02-07-2013, 11:39 AM
1 - Any chance of seen Q costume or an Q NPC on the Foundry?

2 - It is possible to add dynamics objects information in UI Lobi store (or others UI store) to avoid the risk of buying the same object twice? (Ex: "Already unlocked costume" on the outfit box before buying).

3 - Any chance of seen Lobi Crystals in the Zen Store? Or seen Lobi vanity objects in the Zen Store? Having two ways to obtain this vanity objects will be nice and don't menace the selling of the keys...

4 - is it possible to set up a special inventory for pets? Many Epohhs and vanity pets... Too many for the normal inventory (I have unlock all the inventory slots in C-Store but it is not enough ^^')

5 - Any chance to have improvement of the personnal housing ?

Thanks again for the Q&A.
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