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02-07-2013, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
If Cruisers were turned into the Borg as they are represented in this game then that truly would be a nerf, lol.

I think I get your meaning though. The concern is that the Borg are made "more difficult" by boosting their base stats like hull, shields, damage, etc. If that is all that happened it really would be awful. That's why something needs to be done with yoyo healing and all of the innate passive healing (now passive heals are something that the Borg should have more of :x).


However with regards to their passive healing, that's actually one of the biggest complaints I see come from the PvP community.

They do not balance their shields, use EPTS (generally, I think Donatra does) or use TT (these are all damage mitigators that function similar to regeneration).

Increasing their passive healing would only see it become more of a DPS race.

Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
The basic idea is that, if cool downs on abilities like heals were reasonable, your cruiser could take a beating but healing up to 100% instantly would ...
Let's imagine that in this game world the cruiser has 200k base hull, 50% resistance, equating to 400k hull. As well as 50k shields.

Then, to keep that in line we:

> Nerf passive healing
> Nerf active healing
> Do we nerf resistances or leave them the same?

And rely on attrition to win battles.

That's very similar to what the borg in STFs are now.

This is not to mention that if the above things happened you'd also have to nerf damage:

2 escorts pumping out even just raw 6k DPS

with 3 other ships putting out raw 3k DPS (made up numbers)

means in 30 seconds these 5 players can deal 630,000 points of damage killing the above Cruiser, and most likely vaporizing any Escort within 5 Seconds (unless we leave active resistance buffing as is in place, such as ES, EPTS, etc.).

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