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02-07-2013, 10:57 AM
Will we be seeing Tier 2 or 3 shuttle/fighter craft via fleet at any point?

When will the andorian escort be released? and can you give us any stats for it? Will it be a Z-store ship?

Have you considered adding additional reputation levels to romulan and omega force reps in order to add more content to these already great groups?

are you planning of adding flyable scorpion fighters, or other romulan vessels or even allowing the use of opposing faction ships (in a limited manner) for both KDF/FED players via the reputation system?

Will we be getting personal ship reputation, in order to customize the interior of our ships, or gain even more exterior customization ??

I posted a suggestion for a passive stealth caitian escort for the feds, would you consider making it???

Since season 7 the use of dilithium has spiraled out of control, and a lot of low level fleets are struggling to do reputations, fleets, and embassy, and with plans to add even more reputation tabs which I imagine will have even more dilithium costs, plus the inmense dilithium cost of higher tier fleet and embassy projects, wouldn't raising the daily dil refinement cap be a sensible solution? Perhaps 15k per day or 13k per day? Or maybe lower the Dilithium cost across the board and increase the price on all other required items?

Would you please add a upgrade mission to the reputions in order to reset the selected skills?? Its a bother that I would have to do a full respect and spend zen or a token just to switch out a single skill. just make it a 10 or 15k dilithium cost.

there are a few upgrades that could be done to the reputation and fleet projects interface, like adding a fill all, deposit all available materials button. a grid view interface for the available projects , or a sort feature allowing you to see only mk x, xi, or xii, are any of the upgrades in the books to be implemented? can you consider allowing the cancellation of projects? not projects that have been started or ones that you have already began contributing to but projects that are empty that you might click by mistake?

any chance you are going to remove the cap or greatly increase the number of romulan marks for the romulan stfs? It a little ridiculous that omega stfs can give you up to 130 marks plus bnp's but romulan stfs are capped at low 20's and 30's, we understand you wanted people to visit new Romulus and earn marks there, but some of us love space and do most if not all of our playing there.

I love fighters, and recently I held a fleet event of carriers vs fighters, however even with 9 fighters vs 2 carriers we still got totally owned, so will there ever be a way to do larger battles, or maybe cap one team at 2-3 or whatever and have their remaining slots switch to the other team??

Would you consider making a fighter only stf???

can you change fleet support power so that it uses ships you have available in your ship slots ?????

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