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02-07-2013, 11:14 AM
First off if any of the following suggestions have already been made I apologize for not reading through nearly 360 pages.

- Raise the limit of Dil that can be refined per day

- Make the cost of the Master Keys a $1 instead of $1.25. I know this is a profit based decision but when so much depends on them in the form of lock boxes which for the most part give crap. People are still gonna buy them and it will still be bringing in a profit. Either that or run more specials on them so that they are more affordable for what they little good stuff they get out of the lockboxes. Either that or make the odds better of getting the better drops from the boxes.

- Give the Escort Class of ships a better resistance to damage similar to Neutronium Alloy Armor. The Cruisers have more 10%-15% hull and the science vessels have much better shields as much as double and the Defiant had ablative armor in the series. This would even out the defensive side of the three classes.

- Allow more customization of fleet ships that we are paying for or at least up grade those ships in more personal way. For example add a console where we choose instead of a ?generic? placement. Allow us to add additional bridge officer slots up to "X" amount. As an alternative to this allow us to upgrade an existing slot. This should only be available on the Fleet ships that we are already paying for. This could be added as a Tier VI ability at our starbase shipyards.

- Allow the Universal Consoles to be placed in the Device Slot area but not consumed. Alternately add an additional area that is specifically only usable by Universal Consoles. This could possibly be based on the class of the ship for example Escorts and Science ships get one and Cruisers get two. I would recommend that it would be based upon the size of the ship some ships like the Odyssey Class ships would all have two since they are very large ships and they cover all three types of ships.

-Fix the shortcomings of the Dreadnaught Cruiser. As a DPS based cruiser it is not worth buying for such a large price tag. Since it is so slow in the turns it does a poor job at best when equipped with cannons which are the one thing that sets it apart from most other cruisers, maybe all since I can?t recall any other cruisers that can equip duel cannons. One option would be to allow more than one turret to be mounted on it possibly in place of the ability to use cannons.
The same can be said of the weak hull and shields of the Aquarius Destroyer. For as expensive as this ship is it is fairly weak for being in the highest ranking of escorts.

- Via our starbase, allow us to completely build ships from the ground up. The starbases themselves already have the capability as verified by building Fleet Ships. For instance you pay X amount for each major frame type ie: Escort, Cruiser or Science. Then from there charge based upon the additional amount of hull, shields, consoles, bridge officer slots, ect.
For instance:
Base Ship: 50000 Dil (this would give you the following: 1 Fore and Aft Weapon slot, Deflector, Engine and Shield slot for free) Alternately the cost could be the standard 4 Fleet Ship Modules as with other fleet ships instead of 50,000 Dil.
Each point of Hull: 1 Dil
Shield Modifier per between .1 and 1: 500 Dil (ie a .5 modifier would be 2500 Dil)
Shield Modifier Over 1: 5000 Dil (ie a 1.4 modifier would cost 25000 Dil)
Turn Rate: 1000 per point
Inertia: 100 per point of Inertia
Each Fore Weapon Slot: 10000 Dil
Each Aft Weapon Slot: 10000 Dil
Each Device Slots: 1000 Dil
Each Bridge Officer Station: 10000 Dil
Bridge Officer Rank: 10000 Dil per station
Each Innate Bonus that the ship gets: 10000 Dil
Carrier Ability: 10000 Dil per hanger (maybe more depending on how many ships and of what type it can launch)
Although these are just numbers that I have thrown out there it should be very expensive so that every Tom, **** and Harry isn?t running around with super ships. Like with everything else it would eventually be more accessible to more people especially those who have played for a long time.
The skin of the ship would be able to be customized based on the base ship type. All of the various choices would be able to be made from any and all of the corresponding ships that fall into that class i.e. Cruiser, Escort or Science. This would allow the people to truly customize the look of their ships instead of being limited to 3 basic selections if that in several cases of ?unique? ships.

- Add a third freelance faction that can deal with both the Federation and the Klingon. Maybe have it be something you pay for with Zen or something only open to people that have lifetime subscriptions. It would be awesome if they could choose from ships from both sides freely. I know I have seen elsewhere that it has been stated that the Cardassians and Romulans together would be the logical choose since both factions have pretty much been blasted into a shell of their former glory. Yet they still have enough influence to be something of a threat. I would like to see a completely open faction open to everyone and sort of a cluster of species and technology.

- Allow us to personalize our kits to have what we want in them. Alternately have a new level of kit that can be modified as such. With the ability to have what ever level we want in the 4 slots that are available in the class based kits. This would obviously be a top tier item and would on be available to admirals and possibly only vice admirals.