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3. Using patrols, you can have the player follow an NPC, but they can't follow you. So you can do escort missions, for example, but the NPC has to follow a prescribed route.
My solution for this is to simply reskin a friendly mob with premade costumes (to ensure consistency) and have them spawn in behind and out of sight of the player (but within an enemy's range circle) when combat begins. Otherwise they just appear in dialogues to let you know they are there and interacting with the player.

This can also be done in non-combat areas with regular contacts (or reskinned mobs if you like) once the player does a certain action like interacting with an object since that allows you to set a sort of "stage mark" for them to appear. The NPC will appear once the character is doing X at location Y which let's you the author control their position and facing to a large degree and hides the mechanics of them entering or leaving the map.

I did a lot of this in "Avenging Resolution" which you can check out if you want to see in-game examples of how I went about setting this up. If other people use similar or different techniques I would love to know the missions so I can study them myself. The Foundry is all about work-arounds and the more we share with each other in this regard the better all our missions will be.