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# 7 Through The Time Nemesis
02-07-2013, 11:48 AM
Captain's log, stardate 90709.26;
We are en route to the ISH system for a study of its star which behaves strangely according to Starfleet's science department. As we are about to discover the star's mysteries, a surprising experience is going to happen.

-What are your readings science officer? said the captain.
-The star's neutrino field is highly unstable, as if it would collapse on itself.
-Your recommendations?
-I suggest we warp in near ISH three and launch a class twelve probe, then we get out of the star's gravity field.
-Sounds like a good plan. Helm, take the lead.
-Yes sir, warp destination layed in, arriving in five seconds. Four. Three. Two. One.
As soon as the ship warps into the stellar system, the science officer quickly inputs the probe's launch command.
-Probe launched captain.
-Helm, get us out of here.
Then the communications officer says :
-Captain, I'm picking up a radio transmission from Earth but it's not on any Starfleet channel.
-Let me hear it, said the captain.
The bridge's speakers shout :
-''Baby, baby ooh!''
-Enough! said the captain.
The channel was cut and the science officer turned toward its consoles that started to beep like crazy.
-What's happening? said the captain.
-The star is collapsing on itself captain.
-What about the probe?
-I'm currently gathering the data.
-Helm, get us out of here now!
-I can't sir, warp engines are not responding!
The captain swiftly opens internal ship communications.
-Engineer, what's happening down there?
-I don't know captain, the dilithium crystals are not reacting at all. I've never seen this before. I'll attempt to replace them.
-Hurry up!
-Understood sir.
-Captain! said the communications officer staring at the viewscreen.
The captain turns his eyes to the viewscreen only to realize the star went supernovae.
-Sir the shockwave will hit us in ten seconds. said the tactical officer.
-I highly recommend we launch a tachyon beam in order to drill a hole in the shockwave, said the science officer.
-Make it so!
A huge burst of blue tachyons emitted from the ship's deflector makes its way to the shockwave.
-Is it working? said the captain.
-It won't be enough.
-All hands brace for impact! suddenly shouted the captain.
The shockwave touches the ship without blowing it to pieces. Instead, a white light surrounds everybody on the bridge and in the ship. The white light slowly fades to reveal a 2013 New York.
Everybody is astonished by what they see : everything is backward because time flows the other way now. People are walking backward, talking backward and acting backward. People eating food looks gross. The captain looks for his crewmembers who are scattered throughout NYC Broadway Street. All look disoriented but they are acting normally.
-Why aren't we affected science officer? asked the captain.
-It may be possible that the tachyon drill we used has somehow protected us from the temporal inversion Earth is actually experiencing.
-Do you think there's a connection between that last radio transmission and what happened to the star?
-It may be possible captain. Do you know anything about what we heard? You seem to have overeacted when you heard that song.
-Yes, I do remember what it is and believe me, you don't want to know what it is.
-Why not?
-Believe me.
-As you wish captain.
-All I can tell you is that this song comes from this century.
-Watch out! shouted the tactical officer, waving at a crewmember.
An ensign nearly got hit by a bus's wheels but he managed to step back in time.
-How do we get back to our time? asked the captain.
-I think we can realign the timeline if we keep the radio signal we heard from reaching ISH's star.
-What could be the source of that radio signal?
-Sir! shouted the engineer who was holding a newspaper.
-There it is, today is America's first live spatial music channel, said the captain intensively reading the newspaper.
-They have sent a satellite from Cape Kennedy and the live broadcast has been set here in New York. Justin Bieber, the famous artist who composed the song ''Baby'' lead the show.
-We have to kill Justin Bieber then! said the tactical officer.
-No mister Klingon, said the captain, if I rememeber correctly, this man will become the United States's youngest president so he has to stay in the timeline.
-We could sabotage the satellite in a way where it could not send something, replied the engineer.
-This is one great achievement for these people, we cannot destroy it, said the captain.
-How about we set our phasers to emit a reflection field around the satellite? We could use our tricorders to pinpoint the firing position, said the science officer.
-Excellent idea! Work on it at once, replied the captain.
The science officer hails two other crewmembers to reach him. When they arrive, he explains what to do and the small team begins tricorder calculations, phaser settings and methodical alignment.
-We are ready captain, said the science officer.
-Let's do it.
The phaser wave is shot directly in the sky where the satellite will be in this reversed timeline.
All of a sudden, the whole New York scenery becomes white again and fades out to become the bridge of a federation starship.
-Everyone's ok? asked the captain looking around to each staff officer.
Everyone on the bridge noded in a positive way.
-Are we where we are supposed to be science officer?
-I believe we do captain, astrometrics sounds normal to me.
-What about our strange star?
-The star is stable sir.
-And for the radio transmission?
-I am not receiving any transmission captain, said the communications officer.
-Well, it seems we have made the correct decision. Helm, set a course for Earth.
-Course entered sir.
The starship makes a long circle then warps out.

Meanwhile in another sector of the galaxy...
-Maq' Pa'Tuh! (Sir we are receiving a transmission.)
-Kho fu fu yupoh. (Put it through.)
The klingon bridge's speakers emitted a sharp prepubertal voice : ''Baby, baby ooh!''
-Kresh'K! (Stop.)
The bridge is then quiet and the klingon captain stands up, turns and walks toward his communitions officer, puts his hand on his shoulder and says :
-Th'rish. (Where does it come from?)
-Ke Uk'ma ''Federation''. (From federation space captain.)
-Tu'k Ve Ak' Tu! (Death to all humans!)
The staff on the bridge then started to rally themselves with a battlecry.

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