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AtD can make that thing turn at 57? well thats insane, i though you could get 40 with it our of that ship at most. i heard its inertia score is bug like? so it would actually be able to use that turn rate without going flying right? and them recalling flight deck doffs, i've been looking at those as well for when i proboly get a jem heavy myself. i remember how insane the defense boost from those reportedly are.

seriously though, 57 turn from just high aux AtD, that has to be bugged or something. that sort of changes things for how that ship can be used. been to long since i examined AtD's effect, always wanted to use it after you could get full up time on it, but tech doffs builds were always to tempting. i'll do more considering of it from now on with an effect that dramatic. could proboly do very interesting things on a vet ship with that in the mean time. gonna need AP doffs too though, jeeze, don't got enough EC to build all this.
inertia score is 60, my bug ship is at 70. im using full jem mk12 so i get to push all that sheild and engine power to aux. its just faster when i hit aux2damp for my aux to fill 125 faster.
2 rcs mk11 purple. i did want to buy mk12 but wtf???????? from 6-7 mill to now 13mill +??????

aux2damp is a good skill when u have teams running tric mines and pure bleed mines. also since i have 350 crew the nurse will work. techie and human bo will stack for really good hull regen. yes theta is still a problem. 0 crew in a sec. only way to fix that is get out of red alert fast. not really an option tho in premade v premade.

to be honest as good as you can make this ship its very micro heavy. know when to put drones into recall mode, when to let them heal shields. (tested recall mode and shield drones wont rep shields. but i feel they rep sheilds way to fast)

this ship can be more tankey comapired to a bug ship. just know more work is involved. but it is cheaper. i do like my bug alot more tho to be honest. i feel like i went from an automatic to a manual drive with the jem heavy. just the manual can go the extra distance. i mean freak, even in my bug ship ill hit my he at 45 aux. i hardly ever swap configs unless i really need to. for people used to swapping this should be no problem for them. most times i use aux2damp i dont really go full aux. only when i really need to get guns on point. but team setting this really is not a problem. so i am getting at around 50 something turn rate. thats doable.

now i have one question. if i slot 1 doff for recall mode, i just every 2 secs from 80 d to 90 d. with 2 doffs it jumps every 2 secs from 90 d to 110 defense. what is the true value?

my gut is telling me elusive is keeping me steady at 70 d and the doffs are messing with the defense system. some how its bugging it out. ei, my bug ship is at 70 defense because i was a huge nub at launch and did not care about my passive. now since i do care my new pure space tact has the passive, the system knows the jem is an escourt but low defense. hence the doffs are messing with the system and bugging it out.

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