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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Drunk, I'm not sure whether you caught this the other time that I mentioned it about ACT and parsing plasma - but I just went through and dropped some info out in an Academy thread:

When you were looking at the contributions from Plasma Energy/Torpedo/Mine along with your EWP - you likely weren't getting all the info...
the parcer gets EWP correct, but dots from weapons is all messed up. i think only the DOT from energy weapons even has it's own entries in ACT.

as far as i can tell, on torps the DOT and torp damage to shields and hull are all in the same entry. thats the only way to explain the number of swings. it doesn't like the omega torp ether, theres the energy orb entry, but i think thats for shield impacts, then its just called a plasma torp for hull hits, and its DOT.

none of that fits nicely in the log unfortunately.

*edit pretty often in borg red alerts i'll get the unimatrix ship damage in my entry too
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