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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
It is a good question though.. Just how much damage or DPS is good enough for PVP?

And what kind of Gear would you need to accomplish that level of damage?

Very good questions. Wish I had the answer for those. But math is not my area of expertise. :\
I've been trying to look at it from the what killed me side, and I can't really go with just damage. Most of the time, it's just a case of being debuffed/tractored/crew dead/5+ minute respawns...and well...somebody could probably kill me by blowing bubbles, lol.

I tend to fly tanky - whether I'm in an Escort or a Cruiser. I'm useless with DHCs, so I don't use them outside of PvE - so I can't tell from that angle. I don't have my damage to look at on a kill. With my deaths, being the target of an alpha, etc - I've always gone more with the feeling rather than the numbers.

I probably need to log a few matches and just look at what killed me, trying to note the time of my deaths so I can go back and see what happened.

The only incoming damage thing I can remember was a guy that did somewhere between 50-60k in 2-3 seconds, but that wasn't fast enough to kill the guy I was on. It would have obliterated my Sci or Tac in a SV or Escort, but not either of my Engs.

Maybe I'll do that - parse different matches in different ships on different toons, to get an idea.
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