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02-07-2013, 01:51 PM
Actually Sophler Durden made a thread about Recall doffs a few weeks ago. Bort even chimed in. I'm pretty pissed about the Orion hangars being unusable on the Jem HECC but I threw on some shield drones and they honestly aren't terrible. Not good enough to compete with Interceptors, but given the choice between **** dps, kite runner siphon pod shame, or a shield heal... Anyway, I grabbed 3 purple Recall FDO's last night and was flicking as high as 127 defense with no active abilities. Anecdotal evidence is unhelpful though because most matches were ****ty feds so I couldn't tell if it was them sucking or the FDO's working. And when I say ****ty, one CnH had 3 feds under 11k on the scoreboard. Then monkeys vaped me like a square jawed redshirt repeatedly, so IDK. I'm down to test this crap if anybody wants to parse it.