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02-07-2013, 01:32 PM
More asset suggestions/wishlist:

1) Bring back the starship animation choices (my list is blank!) -- I know their still in the client app because my previous foundry mission uses them a lot.
2) Space: Wormhole FX North/South, Wormhole FX East/West
3) Space: Enemy Mines
4) Space: Enemy Turrets
5) Space: Player Ship Animation: Fire Phasers At Contact
6) Space: Player Ship Animation: Fire Torpedoes At Contact
7) Space: Player Ship Animation: Class 1 Probe Launch
8) Space: Player Ship Animation: Tractor Beam Contact
9) Space: NPC Animtation: Abandon Ship (launch escape pods)
10) Space: Escape Pods Drifting
11) Space: Escape Pods Friendly Group
12) Ground: An OPEN Jail Cell for every CLOSED one (so we can "open them") with triggers.
13) Friendly Mines
14) Friendly Turrets

Those path tools are AWESOME. They open up SO many possibilities I'm having a blast working them into my stories.