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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
This is silly easy to answer:

VoQuv carrier.

It can be kitted as a monster tank, dps, support and play as a carrier if you wish. It can do everything. Except turn.

Sci captains are best suited for this ship if you're into support and tanking. Engineers are best suited for this ship if you intend to tank and dps. Tacticals should stay away from this ship unless they enjoy replaying Battlestar Pegasus' final moments every day in STO.

Birds of Prey, particularly the B'rel Retro and Fleet Norgh can be 100% pure science ships if you're into healing-others & crowd control mindset. The Brel retro in particular can heal and toss crowd control abilities without breaking cloak, making it the 'medical ninja' of the group.

I name all my Carriers after Battle Stars

My Vo'Quv = Pegasus

My Recluse = Cerberus

My Kar'Fi = Rycon

My Atrox = Triton (Strangely it came with this name)