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02-07-2013, 01:56 PM
I play AFK missions.
That's probably the one thing that has made me hate grind missions, is these types being in the foundry. I can get the mindset of why some people do these, because they're easy and you really don't need to play them since you can do other things, but I don't see the point in playing the game at that point, which is why I never do them. I like to do something fun when I play in STO, or I don't play, which brings me to your question.

What part of the greater game do you still play if I may ask, that isn't a fleet organized event.
Other than Foundry, not much anymore outside of it, which is why I probably have a harsher view on grind missions effecting the foundry, since it's all I'm left doing. I got tired of the grind that was brought with most of the new content over the year, so I just stopped doing it because it wasn't fun. Kinda sucks because I would love to get higher reputation, but I just got bored doing it, because it felt like a job than a game. For me, my free time is quite valuable now as I start to have less of it, so I feel I better spend it doing something fun, cause hey, life is about having fun in my opinion, and doing something you like do to. So, if I'm not playing another game currently and I hop into STO, it's most likely for Foundry Files or a Fleet Event. I'm hoping more story content with less grind is being added in Season 8 to get me playing more, so we'll just have to wait and see.

That's my likely impractical ideal, story chains focused on what we're actually doing that are labelled as such instead of just having a title like a novel would.
Let me just say, I love that idea, and if Cryptic did that, many authors would be happy. It's a far way off since authors can't do branching objectives, meaning we usually can't have two outcomes for a mission.

Make stories whose central themes revolve around starbases and colonization and paramilitary or mercantile type stuff instead of another episode of TNG and you'd get a more diverse audience I think.
That would be something different. Every try out the foundry to see if you could create an idea like that?

Okay, done ranting. Thanks for listening.
Hey, thanks for taking the time to write it. Even if it's an opposite opinion than mine, I am glad to see that you responded in a cool way unlike other threads I've seen on the forum. Also, thanks for watching the show, well both of them, over the years!

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