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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
In the days before lockboxes and fleet vessels you might have had half a point. However, any niche that Fed snoozers may have once fit has been completely eroded by cross-faction/fleet ships that outclass them both at healing/protection (Wells, Recluse) and sustained damage or maneuverability (pretty much every Klinkydink snoozer). Even on a stat-by-stat basis Fed snoozers are terribly outclassed: the Fl. Vorcha has a frankly ridonkulous 1.1 mod to the Fleet Stargazer's .94, for instance).

Some moar evidence that considering Cryptic calls themselves DS9 fanboys, they must've been watching a different show to the one I did (pay close attention to each appearance of a Galaxy class in the clip):
love that freaking link ty shim.

btw wish my sb was like ds9 and blow up everything