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Originally Posted by borgressistance View Post
hi everyone,

i have switched my oddessy for a jem hadar dreadnought,and i'm curious about youre opinion about the setup.
this is my first carrier,i normally fly cruisers.
but the turn rate and impulse speed is a little lower as an odessy.

every help tips and opinions are welcome

i'm a tactical officer,vice admiral,federation side.

i use this setup:

1x quantum torpedo
3x antiproton dhc

deflector: mk 12 maco deflector
impulse: adapted maco mk 12
shield: adapted maco mk 12

2x antiproton turret
1x cutting beam

all weapons are advanced fleet one's
all console's are mk 12 purple

neutronium alloy
borg console
tachyokinetic converter
dominion console

2x field generators

4x antiproton mag regulator

2x elite romulan scorpions
thats the ship setup,officers are as follow:

lt uni: sci
tractor beam 1
hazard emitter 2

cmdr tac
tactical team 1
torpedospread 2
scatter volley 2
rapid fire 3

lt tac
tactical team 1
high yield 2

lt cmdr engineer
epts 1
epts 2

ensign sci
polarize hull 1

i have energy set to weapons.
my boffs have as traits: 1x superior covert operation ( romulan boff)
2x efficient,
2x leadership

as active doffs i have:
1x purple conn officer ( reduce tt and buf cd)
2xpurple projectile officer ( reduce projectile cd)
1x purple space warfare specialist ( 10% more damage against borgs)
1x bleu tractor beam officer ( drains shield with tractor beam)

my skilltree build:

i use 2/3 adpated set for the bonus,the reason i dont fly 3/3 is that the adapted maco is sci stat based.

i hope you guys are willing and able to help me

great day everyone
how can you use dhc on this thing? it turns as slow as most cruisers. not as slow as an odyssey, but slower than an assault cruiser refit.