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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post

It screamed and scurried away from my Gorn. He can't use tribbles normally either. Haven't tried them with my Orion or Nausicaan boffs but I think tribbles have the same reaction to all KDF.
Hmmm...not all KDF, in fact I thought that they only react that way to Klingons. Possibly the 'wisest tribble' is pre-set to scream and run into the corner if you're KDF.
But for ex. the regular Tribbles in game always purr in the paws of my Ferasan. I'm pretty certain that they have purred as well on my Orion and Joined Trill.
I haven't tried Gorn, but I'm actually suprised to hear that Tribbles don't like Gorn either, I thought that was a Klingon-Tribble thing.
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