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02-07-2013, 03:28 PM
For those who were not able to be at the meeting, here is the expansion of what I myself put forward:

I was thinking maybe the holodecks could also be used for starting Foundry missions, maybe not all the missions, but the missions that would work best in such a setting.

And for the trousers, my thoughts were something similar to Jupiter made available to KDF. Since the default trousers are skin-tight, and the Korath is Zen only, and therefore character bound.

Kahless, Worf, and some of the guards wear robes, so I know it is possible for KDF to wear them. In addition, the gaurds wea them with the Veteran pauldrons, so such an option may please many of the Lifetime Vets.

The Mercenary Set would fit many KDF players perfectly, so making that cross-faction would encourage more and more people to use it. The current list of Zen Store stuff for KFD only consists of the Academy Uniform, and the EV suit, so the Mercenary Set would also liven up that page a bit.

The Roundtable meeting was indeed great fun! And Risa was the perfect location for it, seeing as how that beautiful planet often goes unused and wasted. Much thanks to Trust, and the other participates.

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