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02-07-2013, 03:48 PM
Some of this has probably been asked, so my apologies in advance for duplicate questions.

1) It's been brought up before, but is there any ETA on being able to remove Fleet and Reputation projects once they've been slotted? I'm unconcerned about being refunded for any materials I've already put toward them, but it is annoying to accidentally slot the wrong project, and then be stuck with a project you won't be able to use or finish anytime soon.

2a) The tweaks to the Doffs on the Exchange was a welcome one, but I feel much more could be done still. Will we ever be able to sort Doffs (And Boffs) by Faction, so that as a KDF player I don't have to sift through 400 Fed Doffs hoping to find a few KDF ones?

2b) Along with that, would it be possible to sort or search for Doffs (and Boffs) by Trait or Race? These filters exist in your Doff management panel, so it seems like it shouldn't be hard to implement in the Exchange.

3) Are there any plans for the Fleet Starbase Holodeck, and can you give us a hint if there are?

4) Would it be possible to add in customization options for the fleet starbase, beyond the Special Projects? Like being able to purchase, place, and move around additional decorations, furniture, etc?

5) I know this is a frequently requested feature, but is there any word on additional Customization for your Starship or Starbase Interior? Basically using something like the foundry to build a customized layout?

6) Along with that, is there any chance that we would ever be able to customize the background "NPC's" on our Ship and Starbase to utilize ship or fleet uniforms?

7) Another common one, but please, please, please add more costume options for KDF.