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Originally Posted by alpha11111111111 View Post
i currently have a fleet tactical escort retrofit but was wondering if any others pumped out more DPS. was aiming for the fleet escort carrier but im not sure if there is a better escort out there.
For PVE where targets do not mitigate plasma damage, the highest theoretical DPS bonus for any ship is the Fleet advanced escort using this set-up:

1) Romulan Singularity Harness Set (Hyperplasma Torpedo Launcher, Romulan Experimental Beam Array, Zero Point Energy Conduit) = +7.5% bonus plasma damage
2) 5x Plasma Infusers Mk XII = +150% bonus plasma damage
3) 3x Romulan Plasma Infused Science Consoles = ~+30% bonus plasma damage

Grand total = ~+192% or more bonus damage

If you run a Tactical or Sci captain, the Romulan Experimental Beam Array's shield-ignoring hyperflux plasma DOT can reduce the target's hull to 25% or less when resist debuffs are stacked.

It's pretty nice being able to beat the Hive Space Elite queen's diamond ship without breaching its shields lol.