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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
never mentioned DBB, i wouldn't change them. actually im suggesting they should exactly quadruple the damage of each beam array shot. but after it fires, count to 4, it will take that long before it fires again, so it actually has the same DPS it always had.

they could keep the BO damage from these beams at the normal beam array level, because these are just normal beams with a different functionality when on the forward arc of fed cruisers. or not, let BO work best from big long federation beam arrays, as it should.

shield facing penetration, what a concept. sure, those beams could cut a good hole in one with 3 or 4 good hits, but then theres a huge delay of 4 seconds before it can fire again. thats more then enough time for auto distribute to completely undo the facing drop. remember, cruiser turn rate is horrible, thats why beams have the arc they have. and overall the DPS is still terrible. but like i had mentioned, it would make torpedoes on cruisers an ideal choice, if you could time it well. a few of these beam shots against TT wouldn't even faze it, just look at the DPS TT can deal with from full on CRF DHCs alpha.

KDF cruisers would still be MUCH more deadly over all. but fed cruisers should not be such utter fail boats when used tactically, more then in a healer role, the same as KDF cruisers are dynamic now. they should not be dangerous in identical ways though of course. this all fits well with observed canon too, something that should have been adhered to more then the retarded warrior, healer, mage triumvirate, applied to fricking starships.
Up to 40 Beam Arrays w/4x the spike damage @ 1 time on a target would be OP and way over the top. A team could hit 3 different targets full alpha in under 15 seconds. Keep in mind Beam Arrays have an Arc and distance and travel time advantage over cannons. I don't see the need for this extreme type of change.

This just comes across as Feds wanting ships that are the best in all cases. They already have better Escorts, Scis, Support Cruisers (based on the ships they're supporting). They have a lot of Boff variety to choose from.

KDF have exploitable drain pets so carrier advantage (though feds have every ship type that can deploy pets a couple on KDF side), the Vet ship, and BCs. That's it. Raiders have been left behind for a long time now. Destroyers are nice pug ships, but w/o a cloak don't work for hit and run play and for Fed style fights they don't have the damage nor turn capabilities of high end escorts.