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02-07-2013, 05:27 PM
Hello people, once again happy birthday.

Thanks for the lovely ship and the great mission, has made really a lot of fun.

Please continue to work so diligently on this great game, so we are seeing many more birthdays.

So here's the question I hope you take one of these.

Will we soon see a matching Ambassador Bridge, perhaps in the store?


Will there be a possibility that we see live in the star system based more.

As for example a planet or a comet flying through the system.
just a little more to live in this really blank map.
Even if we are level 4 and there ships flying around there's something missing.

Look again at your video where you can see the system in action, so it should look like please.


And here's my last question:

I like to collect the ships from the game and put them in my hangar.
To fly them now and then, just because it's Star Trek.

I have bought from the store then the hangar slots but now I have reached the limit and now I can not buy any more of them in the store longer and I need more please!

Will we soon be able to buy more?


Your faithful Nx Data

Please excuse my bad English. (Google Translate)