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Well Kirk and Spock used flip phones and TNG and DS9 used Ipads. Yes there were some crazy made up things but most of the things were at least plausible given enough advancement. No, it wasn't Issac Asimov style diamond hard sci-fi, but most things were at least partially based in reality.
Except for the dozens of Negative Space Wedgie and Swirly Energy Thingie plots, which could only be solved through Techno Babble.

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8) Not black and white

SW is pretty much bad guys VS good guys. In ST however it isn't always as clear cut, most times it is a grey area with no clear right answers or course of action.
Although I agree Star Wars is your basic good versus evil story, Trek tends to be preachy. Episodes usually pose an ethical dilemma, which is resolved by the captain at the end of the episode. You can always count on Picard to explain the right choice.

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big round ball that shoots a primative LASER? How can they get any less origanal.
Who cares, really. It's a highly focused energy beam. Call it a laser, phaser or deadly super duper death ray of death, it's all the same thing.