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first, kudos on the temp ambassador mission, that was fun and i loved the catwalk scene with the enterprise outside the window!!

im sure a couple of these have been asked, but they deserve repeating anyway

1. everything costs dilithium, even if we can get 1 mil a day we are limited in what we can refine. can we get a change to the dilithium refining system, like an increased refining cap?

2. along with whats mentioned above, another solution would be splitting the requirements for items and tasks between refined and unrefined DL. maybe some tasks just taking all unrefined. is this an option that would be considered?

3. how about adding hybrid versions of standard ship consoles into the game, and maybe using the crafting system to make them?
for example combining a biofunction monitor and an emitter array console together to make a hybrid console with both stats. probably limiting it to consoles of the same class (sci+sci or eng+eng) to prevent adding attack stats to every console.

4. how about adding a system to kick campers out of STF's and other PVE missions?
cause it's really annoying someone joining in the mission and expecting everyone else to do the work for them. but it would need to be a system that cant be abused to purposely prevent someone from getting the reward and that wouldn't punish people that are actually trying but maybe cant keep up.
a couple ideas i had were
A. voting system
B. total dmg check
course each of these have their flaws, like spite voting or lower dmg for newer players in a team of veterans.

5. more costume options for klingon characters?

6. federation ships suffer in terms of turning compared to their klingon counterparts even of the same class, can we get a boost to fed turning? even the defiant doesnt turn near what a bird of prey does 17 vs 23, not to mention the cruisers. the cruisers also need some love, its not all about the escorts and dual heavy cannons.

7. Any plans on Mark XI and XII kits? maybe even a system to customize kit abilities a little bit? kinda like swapping skills on BOFFS.

8. Any news on increasing the lvl/rank from vice admiral?

9. How about making lobi crystals tradable so we can buy and sell them? or adding them in the store so we can get them with points we get from the DL exchange.

10. how about making the EC exchange more search engine like and not so literal in the search term put in. so i can for example search for "tetryon beam mk XII [acc]" and it will pull all results with acc. as is u have to type out the whole item name "tetryon beam array mk xii [acc]" and even then it only returns items where the acc is the first term, it wont show a weapon that is say [dmg][acc] or [crtH][acc] since the [acc] isnt first.

11. also about the exchange, how about making a filter for showing either klingon only and fed only doffs? or just making it so that on a fed character only doffs usable on a fed are shown, same for klingon.

12. any plan on being able to increase the maximum number of DOFF assignment slots? would be really handy to be able to do more than 20. especially since we have to keep some running all the time like trade commodities to get the items to complete other assignments.

13. with the removal of the reputation npcs from deep space nine, it kinda nerfed the importance of ds9 and we have no real need to go there anymore. any plan to add content or functionality to ds9 to make it a useful/important place again? its such a neat station, make me want and need to go there for something now and then.

14. would customizing ship internal gear setups be considered?
maybe a set amount of each system, like for a cruiser 8 weapons but let the player customize how many fore and aft. same with consoles, have a set amount of consoles and the player can distribute them between sci, eng and tac types as they want. or maybe do it like customizing the hull, each ship has variants of weapon setups, console setups, etc that can be purchased/equipped. so a ship with a more eng oriented boff setup could make up some of the lack of dmg with a more tac oriented console setup.

k that is all for now hehe
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