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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Uh. What. A beam array broadside cruiser will always want their side shield to the enemy, which means the same shield facing is always taking damage. These ships are not agile enough to choose where to get hit.
When you're broadsiding, the fact that you're doing so means you can orbit the target and get top defence values while doing it. Something escorts cannot so when they sit and shoot.

Originally Posted by dixa1 View Post
could be to give a -power drain when using beams passive to cruisers.
D Stahl mentioned in one of his recent interviews that ships will be getting warp cores that give ships different powers.
Perhaps they'll play a part in it.

With the constant flow of new ships coming out of the shipyards, our next major update to ships will be to incorporate warp core design into how a ship performs in combat and what types of power it can bring to a fight.
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