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Originally Posted by evendzhar View Post
Except for the dozens of Negative Space Wedgie and Swirly Energy Thingie plots, which could only be solved through Techno Babble.
It was pretty much a joke as time went on. Any issue was solved with using antiproton/reversethepolarity/ super magic particles in TNG.

Although I agree Star Wars is your basic good versus evil story, Trek tends to be preachy. Episodes usually pose an ethical dilemma, which is resolved by the captain at the end of the episode. You can always count on Picard to explain the right choice.
While theres nothing wrong with a moral to a story, this is one of the things I hated about TNG in particular. I know this will really make some posters unhappy, but the whole "humaniy bhas evolved into this perfect society" irked me. It makes bad draa, and they didn't even live up to it in the writing. Corrupt admirals, and all. The most interesting heroes are the ones that have flaws. This is where, IMHO TNG is weak. In trek shows and even ENT had characters that were more engaging. Again thats my opinion.