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02-07-2013, 07:54 PM
Unless I missed these

the generic ship interior. even if the lounge has to be empty, staging a mission part there would be nice

Lighting in drazona power outrage. Bonnie-Kin anyone?

Personal cloaking device as seen in Defera ground zone

Railings, unless I'm missing them

Stairs, enough said, like the last mission in FE3

Along that note, directional arrows effect so authors don't get lower stars for players getting lost. If they have patrols, they should be able to do this.

Objectives-place five bombs (give me the shadows on where I want then placed.) Just an example. Place X of anything really.

Everyone has said outfits but it deserves mention as much as possible

Escort. (patrol effect with an end point and then they just stand there)

Q in and Q out...once. Beaming too but that was listed here.

Black building blocks, no pattern just black. Heck custom shaded building blocks. If I can change my window bars on my desktop, why not here too.

Sky traffic effect is on par with an enormous city , I have a small one.

Open panel asset that you can place flush against a wall.

Did sometime say opening door pieces for cardassians?

I love this thread.