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((OOC note. Polekitty was originally one of my first COH characters, when that game folded I tried creating her in CO, then thought 'well what if she got sent forward in time from that alternate earth? I mean there's mirror universe folks running around, and there are a lot of different possible alternate earths.. it was originally just a joke, but the more I played her the more it grew on me. It's a bit long but hope you like it and thanks to Admiral Stern's player for letting me borrow her ))

USS Powhatan
Captains log, Stardate..oh heck I'm not sure, with all the jumping around the clocks are still messed up. Call it Tuesday. It was supposed to be a simple mission. Drop off some scientists who were observing some sort of folds in subspace, do a little exploring, maybe even some of the badly needed maintenance that the antique Constitution class ship seemed to need on sometimes an hourly basis. When a ship got that old, there were a lot of loose nuts that needed regular tightening, or things stopped working. Like now...

Lt Rhonda 'Polekity' Evans, was a temporal throwback like most of the crew of the Powhatan, only in her case instead of being stuck in a wormhole for over a century, was shoved through a portal from an alternate 21st century earth that was about to be destroyed. Still as her poppa used to tell her, any morning when you're on top of the dirt instead of underneath is is a good day. Looking at the readout on the view screen however, it was not looking to be a good day.

"Bridge to engineering. How much longer, that fold is getting closer!"

It was a good thing she didn't speak much Andorian, but she did know most of the curse words, her Andorian chief engineer swearing like a sailor as she struggled with the ancient engines "two more @#$%# Dilithum crystals are cracked, if we try to energize the drive in this state I can't @#$%^ guarantee we wont end up in a @#$%^ cloud of ^$#@##!"

"do what you can, but if we don't get moving soon we'll be the first to see what happens when you try to surf a subspace wave!"

She closed the connection as the chief commenced swearing in another couple of languages at the engines "Time to impact?"

Her first officer was another Andorian, but Mirra was a lot more laid back than the ever stressed engineer "Three minutes forty nine seconds" she said, watching on the screen as the fold was getting closer, even now visible to the naked eye as a distortion in space. "I've managed to put us bow first in the wave with maneuvering thrusters."

Rhonda just nodded "Good, hope we won't need to find out if that was necessary." For not the first time she wondered why Starfleet would put something so old out in the black that spares haven't been stocked for many of their systems for over ninety years. Not that most ships used spares anymore, with the high power replicators they had now. On the Powhatan it was just food that could be replicated, and even then you had to go up to a slot in the wall and put a card in to order. "wheres R2-D2 when you need him?" she muttered, watching the fold get closer.


"never mind, before your time...and looks like we're about out of it ourselves-ALL HANDS, BRACE FOR IMPAC-"

The ship rose as if cresting a wave..and kept rising. Outside the starfield seemed to be compressed, as if things were shrinking, while the Powhatan was hit full force by the fold..then empty space.

It's the noise that got her attention. On a starship, especially one of this vintage, there were always noises. Fans, pinks and beeps from various instruments, the distant rumble of the impulse engines, the ringing of her i Phone....wait what? There was a click as the red emergency lights came on, then the emergency systems one at a time, followed by groans of the bridge crew as they began to stir from where they had been flung. Her own face was bloody, forehead hit the edge of the captains chair during the impact, blood matting the soft black fur she was covered with. "ev...everyone ok?" She asked, holding onto her chair as she got wobbly to her feet

"Been better Captain" said Emerea Elfan, her Trill helmsman, the young woman climbing back up into her own seat "we seem to be in one piece, trying to determine..that's weird." Emerea frowned, looking at the readouts "I'm not picking up any subspace beacons, or for that matter, not even the station where we dropped those scientists four hours ago."

"nothing on any of the standard frequencies either Sir" came from behind her, the com officer shaking his head "though I'm getting some signals, frequencies that haven't been used for..shoot, hundreds of years."

"Let's hear it" Captain Evans said as she sat down. There was a bit of static as the frequency was tuned in..then music came through the overhead speakers, an electric guitar whine filling the bridge, then..

"There must be some kind of way out of here,"
Said the joker to the thief,
"There's too much confusion,
I can't get no relief.?

the bridge crew looked at each other stunned, hearing it in English..only to be even more surprised when Captain Evans started singing along...

"Businessman they drink my wine,
Plowman dig my earth
None will level on the line,
nobody offered his word, hey"

"Captain, are you all right? And what's that buzzing noise?"

Rhonda just blinked, as if coming out of a dream "it's Jimmi dad was a huge Hendrix fan...buzzing,wait what?" Starfleet uniforms don't have much in the way of pockets, but there was one thing that she carried with her ever since the day she was thrown from her world into an alternate future, even through the Academy. It had all her music, and pictures of her family lost four hundred plus years and another dimension away...and it was buzzing in her hand, message on the screen reading 'voice mailbox full'. She stared at it, then up at the view screen as it came on, it was a familiar sight, one they saw just a few weeks ago, except for the lack of a spacedock, and no lights from the lunar cities lighting up the dark side of the moon..but then there were no moon bases or space docks around earth in her 2013. "Holy @#%, I'm home..."

Conference room, four hours later

The USS Powhatan had moved out of sight behind Luna, there was enough power left to do that. They had a couple probes just peeking over the moon, gathering what data they could on their situation, Captain Evans called a department heads meeting to go over their their next possible moves

"the #%$@ crystals barely held Captain, we have also detected Dilithum near the south pole of Luna, and can easily get enough to get us back to full power in about four to five hours."

"that's good" replied Dr Olefa, the Bolian head of medical "But where are we going to go? Your home world won't discover warp travel for another fifty years, not to mention the temporal prime directive-"

Mirra spoke up. "Technically doesn't apply-this isn't the Federation's past. There were no Eugenics Wars in the 1990's here, while there were conflicts between meta-beings, it technically now seems to be a corporate police state. I'm sorry to say Captain, that should you attempt to go down to this Earth, despite it being where you are from, you would be arrested or worse within seconds, as would myself or any of our non human crew."

Rhonda nodded glumly "I know, I've seen the videos. And they don't even talk about what happened here, it's like the state of Rhode Island never existed, literally" she said, pulling up an overhead on the viewer. It was as if an entire third of new England simply vanished, just a giant water filled circular bay.
"Even Google doesn?t admit the word paragon exists,as if it's been erased from the language."

Ensign Elfan spoke up "there is one promising thing Captain. Long range sensors are detecting another fold, possibly the same one, though it seems to be reversed."

"Reversed? You mean like when a wave hits something and it rebounds?"

"Exactly Sir. Once we have the warp drive back, it may be possible to reverse the effect that got us here in the first place. The wave however is moving away from us..."

"So the clock is ticking. Right, Chief, take whatever and whoever you need to get your Dilithium. Try not to make too much racket, though I don't think there's any real danger of getting spotted by anything if you stay on the dark side of the terminator. Emera, keep tracking that fold and as soon as we have the drive back get us there."

"There's one other thing Captain" Mirra said as the chief engineer left the room "are you going to try to contact your family?"

Rhonda shook her head "no, as much as I would like to it wouldn?t be fair to the others-"

"With all due respect captain, bull****" That caused her to blink, Dr Olefa was hardly ever profane, perhaps the chief was rubbing off on him. "No one on this crew would protest you making contact, in fact they would be more upset if you did not." She watched as he stood and looked out the view port at Luna below them "I was stationed there in 2258 as humans calculate years, before being posted on the Powhatan. I left my wife when I deployed with our first child on the way, when we finally escaped from the wormhole loop I got back just in time to see my great granddaughter die of old age..Captain, you need to see them, and THEY need to know that you did not vanish into thin air."

She bit her lip as she listened "But you saw the reports, anything out of the ordinary gets reported to the Federal Security Agency-"

Mirra just grinned and put several small devices on the table "Holoemitters, just like we use for the EMH system and we adapted when we got Ensign Tiver out of that situation on Mirande IV."

her arguments were rapidly fading "But we don't even know where they are-"

"That won't be hard Captain, you have your phone there that interfaces with the data networks, you can use that to contact him, and we can trace the signal."

She had forgotten about that in her concern for her ship. "You know, I kept it the whole time, just because of what's on it. At the Academy one of the tech instructors managed to not only manage to get it interfaced with modern charging systems and with our communications, upped the memory to 64 Terabytes, I know , tiny memory but still." she said, laying the phone on the conference table, then taking a deep breath, touched the screen. There was a several millisecond delay, as the ship's network interfaced with a communications satellite.

"whats that noise it's making?"

"it's ringing, that means it's trying to make contact on the other end"

She waved her hand to shush them , after about five rings there was a voice she hadn't heard in six years, or four hundred plus depending on how you counted. "You got some ******ned nerve calling on my daughters number. She's dead, they're all dead, leave us alone!" followed by a dial tone as her father hung up. Rhonda looked shaken, but Mirra was already at work on her PADD

"I have got a location, eastern north America, New York City."

"what the hell are they doing there, I would have thought they'd have gone back to Florida, only reason they were in the northeast at all was for me."

Mirra just grinned "I guess we'll just have to ask him when we see them!"

Ft Meade Maryland, FSA Intelligence Processing

"Hello, what's this?"

"What's what?" the agent looked up from his New World Today paper, as his partners' computer started beeping.

"Just had a hit on a family member of a paranormal. Phone call to his personal cell phone from her number, Rhonda Leah Evans, alias Polekitty."

"Maybe it's just another hacker?"

The agent shook his head "unlikely, after the public executions the last time someone tried this..and this is weird we don't have a location for where the call came from except, it...signal detected coming from...a communications satellite?"

That got his full attention "Call the Director, and get some Exterminators in the air. I think we need to pay the Evans family a visit."

Captains log, supplemental.

Well that had to be a new record for an away mission going pear-shaped. I had decided to take a small group as possible, just myself and Mirra. We scanned for any life forms within fifty meters, then ten, then finally five, this was New York after all, one of the most densely populated regions of north America. It was an empty alley we beamed down into, empty before the two cops turned the corner. Cops, heh. I've seen soldiers with smaller weapons and less body armor. Fortunately it wasn't proof against a phaser on stun, nor were the surveillance cameras in the alley.

"It's not going to be long until they're missed Captain."

"I know...dammit just once I'd like to see something work smoothly!" Rhonda muttered as they ducked into the doorway of a building, the sound of a helicopter passing by overhead.

"I think something just did." Mirra pointed to box next to the doorway, with buzzers for the various apartments "What did you say your parents names were again, Randall and Sharon?" Mira pointed at the name tag on a label by one of the buttons "13C it says, shall I push the button?"

"No, they've got no reason to believe its me at the moment..better if we just go up. Can you get this lock overridden?"

The andorian just grinned, tapping a few keys into her tricorder. There was a click, then the door opened "how do you say, piece of cake?"

"You should know by now, never say that..." Rhonda muttered as they got on the elevator. It was dingy and barely lit, like most of the building. In fact it was almost a flophouse, the elevator lurching as they got to the thirteenth floor. The hall was lit by a bare fluorescent fixture, the doorway to apartment C was clean at least. "well here goes nothing." she reached out and pressed the doorbell..then hearing nothing, knocked on the door.

"For the last time Mrs Ramirez, I haven't seen your..." he'd gotten taller, not technically her little brother anymore as he was now a half a foot taller than her. "Do I know you?"

Rhonda just stood there open mouthed, until Mirra prodded her "Your emitter Captain, you're still disguised."

"oh, right" She turned it off, and now it was her brother who was gawking right before he wrapped his arms around her, he had gotten stronger too "Rhonda!! I Knew you weren't dead!?

"ooof!" her breath was knocked out of her as she was bearhugged, then over his shoulder as an older, much thinner man than she remembered came out of the back "Jacob, keep it down, I just got your mom to fall asleep..."there was a crash as the tray he was carrying fell to the floor. Mirra glanced across the hall at the older woman who was peeking from her apartment door, then suddenly slammed it, the sound of a lock turning. With a frown she stepped into the apartment , closing the door behind her.

"Rhonda, wait..there was a FSA agent by earlier this afternoon. You can't stay here, you gotta run before they catch you-"

"Wait run, what? I ain't running nowhere, I just got here..and where's mom?"

Her dad looked down "she's in bed...with the shortages of medical care, and the pregnancy, and the MSRA..but you still can't stay, they'll find you, Rhonda!" she ducked past him, already reaching for her tricorder. It was bad, worse than the look on her father's face.
"Why isn't she in a hospital?"

"Because unless you signed the loyalty oath and join the Corporation, the only medical care you can get is a monthly free clinic. It wasn't so bad before they moved us all in here."

She looked at the readings "white cell count low, BP low, whatever she's got is really kicking her immune system hard..I can fix this!"

Her brother looked skeptical "I know your healing powers worked good on injuries but diseases-"

"Oh I don't have them anymore, the docs who looked me over after Schrodi shoved me through the portal corrected the radioactive DNA mutations. Only thing that the treatment didn't remove was the fur, because they thought that was natural. Miss being able to fly, but it's better than being when I got accepted to the Academy I took the medical track, course the way the universe tends to hate me it seems I got stuck in command instead of in a clinic. yeah, we've got something in sickbay that will get rid of that infection pretty easily."

"It's not going to do any good if they catch you and KILL you!"

Mirra stayed out of the discussion, instead looking out the window. "Captain there are multiple vehicles converging around the base of this building, occupied by people who are equipped similarly to those 'cops' we encountered earlier." Both her father and brothers faces went white, while Rhonda just sighed "and of course they'll have TV crews, and negotiators, and the like. I don't have time for this, and mom doesn't have time for this." she tapped her combadge "Evans to Powhatan."

"we read you Captain."

"Status report"

"mains will be online in approximately fifteen minutes.-also Captain? We are intercepting communications, there is an assault group entering the building you are in."

She looked at her family "You have any real desire to hang around here?" her brother and father just shook their heads "No one cares what rights get trampled anymore, as long as people feel safe, and they've got their reality shows." her brother said with disgust.

"Well fortunately they don't have those where we're going." she grinned "Evans to Powhatan, five to transport."

"don't forget mom's cat"

"fine...five humanoids, and one feline. Though if that damn cat pukes on my bridge it's going out an airlock..."

She felt the familiar tingle of the transporter just when the door was kicked open, with three armed men and a TV Camera behind them. She flipped them an undignified bird as the apartment faded out, replaced by the familiar sight of the transporter room. "Welcome aboard the USS Powhatan, don't mind the faded paint, she's an old girl" Her mom hadn't even woken up from being transported, though Pukey the cat looked rather disturbed by the whole affair "Evans to Sickbay, got a patient for you in transporter room three Dr Olefa, take good care of her for me. Bridge, this is the Captain. Set your course for the subspace fold, and lets get out of here"

Captains log, supplemental.
Getting home was a bit easier said than done. While we were flung backward on the fold with the engines out, with the warp field activated , we over shot. Fortunately only by a few weeks, Ensign Elfan realized the situation and cut power before we went too far. Still the stress burned out the dilithium that the Chief had gotten from Luna , as well as severely damaged the warp coils. Luckily by that time there were other ships that had come to investigate, three more had vanished else when as well before Admiral Stern forbade any vessel getting within ten thousand km of the anomaly. The Admiral was also rather , well, pissed at how we got into this mess in the first place. Reportedly when she contacted Starfleet logistics she was cursing a streak so blue it was giving off Cherenkov radiation. So when we get back to space dock (being towed by the USS Tunguska, our drive is pretty much slagged at this point) we'll either have a full function parts replicator system, or the next new ship that comes out of the shipyard. There was a bit of flak about me bringing my family over, but Mirra was right, the temporal prime directive doesn't technically apply to an alternate universe that had already been tampered with by others. Mom's recovered, and my baby sister (geez that's a weird thought still) is due in a few more months. They're probably going to settle back near Tallahassee once we get back to earth, and my little brother is already working on holodeck programs using shows and movies from our home time. He says he's getting the hang of it, and wants me to test out the Firefly program. So once all these reports are done, going to have dinner with the folks, then spend a few hours at a shindig with Captain Tightpants.

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