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*hear....sorry bit of a grammar Nazi.
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Again sorry for the whole grammar thing but my son just started school and I am kind of in overdrive in those areas.
I'm kind of like that too. Not sure how that typo happened ...

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On the forums here actually, back when I first started playing in January 2012 there was a big debate thread about that.....well okay not that big it only lasted a few pages before someone posted a link to the information regarding what is considered canon and what is not. Check the archives for last January and it should be in there.
I couldn't seem to find it. Do you remember the name of the thread? Or at least the section of the forums it was in?

According to Memory Alpha, only the five live-action series and the eleven (soon to be twelve) movies are considered official canon. STO and other games/novels are licensed canon, meaning they need CBS's approval before they're released, but live-action productions take priority.

In other words, STO can only be considered canon until a new series or movie contradicts it.
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