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Originally Posted by ussrevraven View Post
One set of questions I've wondered for a long time...

What's the deal with the Ambassador Class?

It was a rarely seen class of ship, yet it was the class of the flagship. But very few Ambassador's were seen on what's the deal? Why is the Excelsior class, which is modestly older than the Ambassador, the workhorse of the Federation while the "newer" class is virtually mothballed. I always assumed there was some serious design flaw in the Ambassador class, and the handful of ships in active service were either not affected by the flaw or were refit..but the refit was too prohibitive to do for the entire Ambassador fleet.

Which goes into....

The Enterprise-C was destroyed in 2344. The Enterprise-D was launched in 2363. So the Federation went without it's flagship for almost 20 years....why? The 1701 was replaced by the 1701-A within a few months. Okay, maybe it was renamed from the Yorktown. Well, the 1701-A was replaced by the 1701-B within the same why did Starfleet go without an Enterprise for nearly a whole generation?

And lastly..

I know the reasoning was the Prime Directive, but why did the Federation not come to the aid of the Bajorans during the Occupation? I get that that it was considered an "internal Cardassian matter"..but really? I have a hard time accepting that the holier than thou Federation would have allowed virtual genocide of a native people by an occupier. Being as Bajor wasn't considered a territory of Cardassia until the Occupation began...why didn't the UFP intervene when the first Bajoran refugees came into Federation space with proof of a virtual genocide? The only thing I can think of is some archaic language when Cardassians first arrvied on Bajor, so politically it was seen as an "invitation" by the Bajorans for the Cardassians to take over their whole planet..but I think that's a little weak argument.

This kinda stuff is one of my favorite little games to play with canon. Taking all the goofy little discontinuity items and "fixing" them so it fits in the larger narrative. It's fun!
The Ambassador was probably a limited run testbed while the Excelsior was the workhorse of the fleet