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02-07-2013, 07:53 PM
I think that the b'rel Enhanced Battle Cloak should be added to this list because its a very very bad pro vs con of using it since there are multiple abilities that can decloak a ship and on top of that the only real viable torpedo to use is the plasma ones but in pvp and to a lesser extent but not far off is pve where the cons of using it as a torpedo boat outweigh the actual usage of it.

Many have stated because you have no shields especially in PvP since most ppl would be using this for plasma you can pretty much use Hazard Emitters and make yourself immune to this ships main attraction/ability. I understand the concept of certain skills for instance like viral matrix decloaking the ship but even if you tried using transphasics the torpedo is so low on damage you would be virtually decloaked forever trying to kill something with them. Plus the fleet version is a Tier 5 shipyard which takes billions upon billions of EC worth just to be able to buy it and then not really useful and you'd have to use it like any other bop which to me and no offense is redundant to even purchase something that really isn't an upgrade.

My proposed solution is if you own the regular B'rel offer some kind of green rarity torpedo for EC in the shipyard on Qo'nos, then a Blue rarity torpedo in the D-store, and then if you own a Fleet B'rel a very rare torpedo in the D-store that benefits the ship in able to use something like these 2 versions of the b'rel for the intended version of the ship from the franchise. Another suggestion is making it work as it does with skills that currently decloak it fully for the 2-3 seconds but if it is fireing torpedoes or mines to give it a flash of the color of the torpedo its using. From both sides of the fence according to uses of the KDF for the ship and then the federation side they have a c-store console to decloak ships this would actually put value in that console for pvp not to mention the decloaking abilities but KDF Generals on the most part from personal experience and hearing other KDF players who want to use this ship its just unbalanced for us to use them in PvP much less it being a Tier 5 shipyard ship if its not going to be changed at all I would basically suggest taking it down to a tier 1 or tier 3 shipyard.

Edit: Oh as far as "data" with this is like driving along a bridge over a river and then realizing the middle of it is gone as you plummet down to the bottom of the river. In a nutshell though I believe the B'rel should be made something at a middle ground ship that you have to use tactics to make it a decent torpedo boat but not some i win just by spamming attack keybinds. As it is right now pvp or pve how ever you look at it is not where it should be.

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