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02-07-2013, 08:01 PM
What a delightful thread.....

Here is something that bothers me all the time when I'm watching the shows..... omniscient, mind-reading communication systems...:

Sometimes they just start speaking and miraculously the computer knows exactly to whom they want to speak AND when to cut off the transmission. While they do say things like "Riker to Picard" sometimes (not very consistently though..) you often hear the whole sentence on the other end even before the actual name is spoken..... I HATE IT !

Another example...... Dr Crusher is leaning over an injured person during a ground mission, right around them, there are Riker, Geordie and Data.... After a while they decide that everyone BUT one person is going to return to the Enterprise....

And what does our dear Doctor tell the Transporter Room (although never actually dialing it, she just tips her badge...):

"Four to beam up !"

The all-knowing Transporter Guy not only beams up the correct persons without ever asking who is going and who stays, he also manages to beam Crusher and her patient right to the Sick Bay (that NO ONE ever mentioned, grrrrr)

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