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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
Yes, just have the last thing on your storyboard be a dialogue; the final player response auto ends the mission.
I found that with any dialog or interact with contact or object in a story, would end the mission when it reaches the checkered flag, but that still leaves the ship in space ready to manually click the wormhole at the top right of the game window to exit the map, what I was looking for is an automatic way to warp out of the system (exit map) when the last dialog has finished and the mission ended,


The last task for a mission involves eliminating enemies in space combat, ok, that's done, a dialog pops up informing that the mission is complete, and to leave the system, a choice of 2 buttons are available, 'Leave system' and 'Not Now', the 'Not Now' button allows the player to pick up any items, and then click the 'Leave System' button on the lower right of the game window, but the 'Leave System' button in the mission ended dialog, when clicked, shows the camera move to beneath the ship and slightly to the left, and the ship is seen warping out, exiting the map, and the ship either ends up at the mission start point in sector space, or the starting point at ESD, where ever the starting point was.

That is what I'm attempting to create.

What should happen is the checkered flag should have an option to either 'Leave system' (which would automatically warp the ship out and exit the map, or if ground combat would beam the away team out, and the single character would be back to the mission starting point, or default, do nothing, which would allow more dialogs to be attached, or just end a mission right there, where the player would manually click the wormhole to leave the system (exit map).

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