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Ok, While this screen shot is over a week old.. My Crew hasn't changed.

OK, I'm currently am not happy with the amount of fire power I'm putting out.

I'm using, the Ent-C Refit and Ent-E ships.

This is a Screen shot of my crew and one of my testing load outs.

My "Main" ship: Two "beams" and two "Breen Prize Torps" in the front, and the Back row full of Turrets. (This was in Rainbow of death mode, but I've gone all Disuptor since that shot.)

I use only R'Shee's Powers, but in some STF's I'm avoiding using the Beam weapons power, as it agros Tactical Cubes. I Never hit's Neros' own power, half the time I've got Hull Repair skills prevent it from working. I use almost all the others.

I'm a Engineer. (That means I solve problems. Fr'instance... ...How am I going to stop some big mean mother hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind?)