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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Yeah, or you're about to click and you're dead.

Damn Cryptic UI.
Or when you click a defensive power that WILL save you..but it hangs for the second you needed it to fire off and you die..

One thing I am also wondering..

IF some one were to Decloak at full evasive, Unloading DHC shots from -10k and reaching 4k before the shots even hit and fire another volley.. is the game properly tracking the damage from the first volley from under 10k.. or is it reading the damage from when you reach 4k and fire your second volley as if you were at 4k out when you fired your first volley?

For example:

A Bird of Prey Decloaks at 9.5km away from a target, Rapid Fire 2 Omega 3 Fires the first volley as they Evasive Maneuvers Bull rushes a target, activating Tractor beam to hold a target at just in 4.9km and Stops at 3.5k to fire a second volley so that both volleys will hit at the same time. (NOTE: No this is not a trolling or joking question, it is a serious and worrisome thought.)
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