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Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
I can now testify to the power of 2 Aegis pieces vs the 2 borg.

Honestly guys, at least on my AE build I'm not seeing any down side at all to using the Aegis. I have higher SDR, Higher Defense, Higher Speed, with barely worse turn rate (loss of .07 degrees a second).

I think at least for Escorts anyway, Borg is dead.
I'll let ya'll know for sure after more seat time.

The Borg's biggest boon used to be it gave that shield heal out. Now, however with it just being a hull heal it's potency is greatly reduced. Right now I'm running 2 Aegis and a Maco shield.
ya i haven't used borg for quite a wile myself. the engine is slow and aside from the extra power the items don't do a whole lot for me. im a huge omega fan though. + acc deflector, turn 2.5 hyper engine, tet glider, its all awesome, especially if you can slot 2 or 3 flow consoles. if i cant slot any flow cap, i should just go aegis 2 part.

aegis would be my second choice, with its 2 part defense bonus and hyper engine i dont know why anyone would use maco over it. the only problem is the blue quality cap 2 cov shield, what a POS. and the 3 part buffs hull resist not shield, figure that one out. the elite fleet shield is the aegis 3 part done right. all you need is 2 parts though for that extra defense, and the good old maco shield
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