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02-07-2013, 09:07 PM
Well looking at your build, I can see why you dont want aggro since you have hardly any healing abilities. Sadly, there isn't much you can do to improve your boff layout for tactical, unless you swap out that BFAW for a BO. With dual beams it would be more effective.

Your biggest problem is your weapon layout as far as I can see. The turrets are a waste without cannon rapid fire, and even then without cannons on the front, its not much better, and cruisers just dont have the turn rate to make use of them. Unless you are JUST going for PVE. Then by all means throw some cannons on the front and put a cannon rapid fire on there. You wont be able to cycle them so it still wont be as effective but its worth a shot.

Personally I would suggest going for a beam boat. 2 torps on the front are killing your dps. One in front one in back, and 6 beams is a solid setup. Broadside fighting, and tilting towards and away to fire off your front and rear weapons.

I would also drop AB3 in favor of Aux to Structural 3. It is a fantastic ability that you can put on others as well as yourself. If you can get both 2 and 3, the cooldown is 10-15 seconds, which will massively up your survivability. I would also drop DEM for another emergency power to shields. With 2 EPtS, you can cycle them constantly so it is always up.

I personally also prefer torp spread to high yield, but that is just me preference. I think if you make just the boff layout changes I suggested, you will be much happier with your ship. I would STRONGLY recommend getting rid of the turrets though.