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02-07-2013, 10:22 PM
I still think the problem is the weapons and to a degreee the powers.

For instance the engineering class has only 5 powers available at ENS. 4 of which share a cd.
Compared to tac 9 with 3 cd categorys, and sci 8 and I think most of those share a cd only with higher level powers. maybe some lower level utility powers for the eng slots like a space supressing fire that only affects beams.

Why is it that the high level beam powers can only be carried on afew beam only ships? Shouldn't the tier 3 version of each power simply take up the tier 2 versions slot?

Maybe instead of a damage increase beam powers an weapons should gain some kind of utility. Like an innate shield penetration or a stacking debuff of some kind to reflect the pressure damage they are supposed to inflict. If it works for the weaker torps why not the weaker energy weapons.

See the link in my sig, I made a mor indepth post about my ideas elsewhere.
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