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# 1 AI salution
02-07-2013, 10:33 PM
I've thought about this for some time now.

This game has always focused on more DPS and HP for more difficult NPCs. The newer enemies are better ( they have more moves), but they are still dumb.

Solution: player made bots.

I know. Bots have become a bad word for good reasons. However, if the game was set up to where players could turn in a "if this happens, than do this" list of actions that the game could use then the AI will improve drastically. Here's a better example of what I'm talking about:

Let's say I'm in a Klingon Bird of Prey and I want to send Cryptic a bot for that ship.

Disruptors are the traditional weapon of the KDF, so that wouldn't change.

* I would tell the bot (if I could) to use dual heavy cannons in the front.

* I would tell it to use an attack buff.

* After a given number of hits, I would tell the bot to cloak for 4 to 6 seconds and then de-cloak.

* If jamming was used, then use science team

* If one shield facing is low, then rotate shields or use tactical team

* If the hull is at 50%, use evasive maneuvers

* Maybe I'd like this bot to hold the enemy, so I'll tell it to use tractor beam


In order to prevent overpowering players, the number of actions per ship or avatar would be limited and slowed.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Perhaps competitions could be held for the best performing bot for each faction's ship type. Cryptic could then use the top ten.

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