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02-07-2013, 09:39 PM
You won't be anywhere as near effective tanking in an escort without ENG abilities. You'll just die alot and be worthless to the group waiting on respawn timers.

Leadership isn't the problem here, especially when it is entirely dependent on your crew not being dead. It often is in STFs so you must sacrifice gear for crew resist gear if you want to take advantage of the leadership perk. Even when it's in full force it's just 3% per tick and frankly I damn well welcome it for PvE because I have spent many of STFs running under 50% HP because my heals suck and no one wants to play as a team and save their heals for themselves(not everyone but might as well be "everyone")

I'm not really sure if there is a problem. You had a draw. If that's not balanced gameplay then I don't know what is. Remember that this was a 1v1 match up. When things are balanced, fatigue decides the victor. But it does pose problems for fed vs kdf, and I have already offered a fix for that. It's called giving klingons a version of leadership where you inspire your crew to work harder for honor and victory, which roughly translates to increased DPS. An increase that's just as considerable as 5 human BOs stacking leadership.

But instead of that awesome sauce we all know what's just going to happen. Cryptic will nerf leadership after taking 3 years to fix it and ruin everything. Just so they don't have to give the klingons something nice to counter. Then leadership will be back to being worthless as **** because this PvE game apparently has to revolve around PvP gameplay for some damn reason. If I wanted to play PvP seriously I would load up a FPS. I damn sure wouldn't expect it to dictate how STO unfolds.