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02-07-2013, 09:44 PM
It looks like you have the right idea, but tehre is not much information (that I saw, perhaps I missed it) regarding your boff layout or skill points. I would recommend the following build for STF's/Fleet Actions. It is a simple damage output build without getting too creative and sacrificing survivability. (The survivability of this build is quite impressive)

In regards to your consoles. I believe the 3x cap consoles may be overkill (personal opinion). The Assimilated universal console is VERY useful.

In regard to dual vs dual heavy cannons. Many people have been over this for some time and there is no clear cut winner. I prefer 2x dual cannons/1 dual heavy cannon (but this is not important, mostly just feel it seems)

Dual Heavy vs dual cannon arguments include...
Dual Heavy - 2x damage but only 50% fire rate.
CrtD bonus but lower chance to proc
Drains 20% more power than dual cannons while firing.

The only glaring flaw I can see is your ship set. The Breen ship set does you no favors in an escort. The only useful aspect of it is the engines and perhaps the set bonus.

In an escort, your deflectors can do more for you than you may think. A good Positron deflector(mk XII [SIF] [Shds]) will boost your hull hit points and shield cap somewhat significantly. [EM] boosts shield heals. The MACO deflector is great in this regard. The Breen deflector is only useful against the breen and gives you no advantage vs a good positron deflector against other enemies.

In regards to your shields, you will want to go with a Covariant Capx2 [Pla] if doing STF's, or Capx2 [reg] or Capx3 for non STF missions.

If you're planning on doing STF's, theres a ton of information here.

Lastly, make sure your defensive/engineering consoles are set properly. You can use two neutronium consoles (somewhat expensive if limited resources). You can inexpensively use a Monotanium MK XI Blue (+35% kinetic dmg resistance) and get s console for each other weapon type (diburnium for plasma/disruptor), (electroceramic for tetryon/plasma) and (forget name) for antiproton/polaron defense) These consoles can be switched based on enemy.