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02-07-2013, 10:08 PM
The PVP community has some questions.

I ask :

FES brought in a post, that I cannot find at the moment, about perception. And they are right to a point, that it is broken. However, the operative kit is still over powered with one shots and running a cloaked mainframe. Perception does need to be looked at, however, the top kit also needs a duration on the cloak, say 10 seconds, instead of just toggled. Can this be looked at?

It is always fun and cool to see gimmicky things in the game. Such as the Temporal Stasis Pistol. However, they are way unbalanced. This weapon allows people to grief both PvE and PvP. It is also detrimental to the team that is using the gun as well as creating a one shot kill for an Engineer with a Tranphasic Bomb or a Tac buffed up. Can this be looked at and any new gimmicky stuff like this be evaluated before being put in game?

Can the Omega/MACO sets get cold resist?

Mortar spam can bring even a decent system to it's knees with lagging issues. Can Cryptic work on why this happens?

Can the hangar spams abilities be looked at? I don't do space PvP because it's just a swarm of hanger pets or +1 consoles. Both need a look at.

Can the next science upgraded kit be a useful kit?
I also ask if the /logout can close the session and put you back where you were before entering a mission or map. It is being used as an exploit to avoid dying in pvps.


Praxi5 asks :

We've been told that PvP won't be getting any major updates for a while. It sucks, but it is what it is.

Can we expect anything in the short term? New maps? Perhaps the long-awaited re-balance of Science skills that were neutered with S5's new skill tree and resists?

webdeath asks :
Why wasn't the power to create PVP based maps given to the Foundry? Will such an ability ever be considered Foundry Material?

Why wasn't the Daily for Ker'rat/N'vak etc.. ever given an Omega Mark Reward?

With a bug fix happening for Ker'rat's previous lack of Walls, does this mean the Nuke Ker'rat button has been tossed out, and we can expect to see more on Ker'rat. Or are you still considering Nuking Ker'rat?

It's been mentioned that more PVP maps are coming. Can you give those of us that PVP a time table on WHEN we'll see these new Maps and other PVP Features that have been hinting about for a long time?

I have noticed many topics asking for a "Pug made" Que in the PVP Ques system. Are there plans to do something for the people asking for such a setup? (For example: If you don't have exactly 5 members teamed up, you can't Que up for Pre-made Que. And you can't que up for Pug made Que if you are on a team)

When something new gets released, often times then not, it seems to have more care towards the PVE Aspect then the PVP Aspect. As a pvper, this seems to hurt PVP more then help it. Can you go into any detail on why this happens, and if any steps are being taken in the future to reduce such problems?

Do you PVP in STO? And if so, how many of your fellow co-workers do you team with on a regular basis? And, have you ever beaten a "premade" or "Pug made" with that team?

simeion1 asks :
For my question for Cryptic. Why are all damaged buffs percentagely increased and all other skill specially those dealing with resistance only add to a skill, a plus 30 to resistance. Why are they not the same?

inktomi19 asks :

My question would be whether it would be possible to add the 'Elusive' trait as an option for all races as the 'retraiting' system is implemented. That also might be a good time to buff some of the less desirable racial traits into something useful.

dkfrontiers asks :

Will Cryptic reconsider the stacking effects of certain weapons/ abilities/ pets?

In the long term would it be viable to restrict consoles to the ships with which they came?

polie05 asks :

I would like to know about re-specie, re-passive, and re-trait ,(from the rep system), tokens will be made available soon. You can always charge 2100 zen and allowed only once per 6 months to keep it from being abused. One token to be able to change them all. The only thing is you cant re-class. So a tac is always going to be a tac.
Thank you for your time.

-- The PvP community.