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02-07-2013, 11:09 PM
As to the SNB Doffs: It's my opinion that in their current state, they're actually rather ineffective in PVP, to the point that I've ditched them in favour of other doffs. Why? Very simply, this is due to the elite fleet shields that provide a large number of short-duration buffs, which tend to act as 'shields' against SNB doffs that are quickly replaced. I imagine that this is a completely unintended consequence of the mechanical implementation of the new shields, but it's there.

Question for Borticus: Are the additional resistances from the proc on the Elite Fleet Shields subject to diminishing returns in the same way that emergency power to X, TSS, etc. are? I've been trying to calculate some stuff, and assuming that they are not affected by diminishing returns, the Elite Fleet Shields have more HP than the Mk. 12 Maco when resistances are taken into consideration, effectively making the Maco shields useless despite being far more difficult to obtain.
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