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02-07-2013, 11:21 PM
If anything, we will get Admirals and Fleet Admirals where we can control ships to fight with us. Having the leaders fighting with their armies goes back thousands of years and it provides a great morale boost to the troops. This was mainly due to effective communication being non-existent so leaders had to be with their troops to make sensible tactics. It didn't make sense to have someone travel by horse to HQ which is 100 miles away from the battle and travel back to the battle to give orders.

So considering the state of Starfleet and KDF where they have obviously went to a less restrictive organization than Kirk's Starfleet, then having Admirals fight on the front lines makes as much sense as everything else. It makes more sense than having crew in bikinis and piloting ships that won't be made for hundreds of years.

There is also the problem that not everyone wants to be a Captain. They want to have the power. My character is an exiled Borg that wants to be able to influence the Federation's policy on the Borg. The Borg is a great source of technology and has immense knowledge of extinct alien species. There is also the problem that the Borg is a race of victims. So destroying the Borg is just a waste of potential and mass genocide. As a Captain, my main character would have no influence over such matters, but as Fleet Admiral she would have enough influence to start her plans of making the Borg a force of good in the universe. Forcing everyone to be captains would be destroying some of the RP potential that the game has and would limit the potential of people's characters. I certainly couldn't have come up with my character's goals of the future if everyone was stuck at captain. Rank should be a CHOICE not FORCED onto people.