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Originally Posted by lordblades2 View Post
-The extra character slot that you get with the subscription: is that character still accessible after the sub expires? Same for extra Boff slots.
As long as the Character slot is occupied, you can access that character. However, if you should ever have 1 empty character slot (by deleting a character or buying a new one purchased from the Z-Store) you lose that empty slot...
Originally Posted by tc10b View Post
You also keep the extra character slots you have gained, these are permanent even if you delete a character.
This only applies if you had a subscription account before the start of F2P, otherwise...
Originally Posted by lordblades2 View Post
-The extra inventory/bank (including account bank): can you still use it afterward? If not, what happens to the items in those slots?
All earned inventory slots (Personal inventory, Bank, Shared Account Bank, BO slots) you keep
Originally Posted by lordblades2 View Post
-The cash limit: does it stay at 1 bil, or does it drop back to 10 mil credits?
Silver accounts default back to 10 million EC. Should your balance be over 10 Mil when you convert, you keep the balance, but any EC you would normally earn will be lost until your balance drops below 10 mil. If your balance is below 10 Mil, and you earn something that will take you over the limit, you gain only up to the 10 Mil cap limit, and any amount over that will be lost... (The only way to avoid this is to purchase the EC Cap limit increase from the Z-Store)

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