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# 25 Lore or Legend
02-08-2013, 12:49 AM
The question is about whether players want to stick to Lore or go for Legend. A Lore based game would only have Captains of varying levels of expertise and authority. A Legend-based game would allow players to become the Admrials of the Fleet. The former is best for RP since all series had Captain as the hightest rank for the main character (minus Admiral Kirk in the first three movies). All Admirals in game would only be NPCs giving orders to the Captains.

A Legend-based would allow for the current ranking system, but would have to add more for Admirals to do in game. Some additions are the space-based solo team (as mentioned before) that allows the Admiral to have other ships with him/her during solo missions (this would require end-game content for Admirals). Another addition would be for ship-based Doff missions. Instead of having individuals doing tasks, the Admiral would have ships to give orders to complete missions. This could be an expansion of the current Doff system that opens up at Rear Admiral or higher rank. The player would be issued a small number of Doff-based ships and then could buy more to build up a Doff Fleet. This method could even allow for Doff-based space wars and challenges.

Either way, something would need to be added to make any rank addition or rank change worthwhile to the game.