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02-08-2013, 12:02 AM
So, now that I am still sobbering over the loss of the Chel Grett, I got the ambassador thanks to a friend! :3 How should I equip the ship? o: Currently, I am running all Polaron. Five beams, two of which are in the back along with one turret, and a chroniton mine launcher. Three beams forward, 1 quantum forward. I have three Polaron damage enhancers (forgot what they're called!!!), and something that gives my torpedo +11 damage. ! What can help make the Ambassador Class turn better, btw? My engine gives +7 to turn, yet it does little.

On a side note, since I was 8yrs old, watching TNG with my dad, I always wanted an ambassador class. Finally, years after watching the USS Enterprise C kill herself, I finally have it! (Too bad all those super enhanced weapons on the Enterprise C during the mission, didn't come with us. Q_Q!)