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# 251 Torpedo, fire all button
02-08-2013, 01:31 AM
Ok, so we have 3 buttons on the hud i sorta do and don not understand. The fire all phasers is straight forward. But the fire all torpedos button puzzles me. I usually fit my ship (4 fore, 4 aft) 2 beams and 2 torps in the fron and back, thinking the fire all torpedo would lets so, if i had my setup, fire 2 if i pree it. but it still only fires the 1. so it actuall makes no sence to put more than one torpero in the front and back (unless you want their effects). question is, Is this a bug that will someday be fixed? or is this the way it will be. and if this is the way it will be, why not remove the button and be done with it?