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02-08-2013, 02:34 AM
- There have been many requests for "functionality" in Starbase Upgrade Project's -- which I believe translates to player interaction with an upgrade (kicking Tribbles for example) .
What is Cryptic's response to this request ?
Also , are you taking requests as far as Starbase upgrades go , or is it a done deal ?

- Is it possible to add a personalized "off" switch (like we have for the "winter hologram") to the "historical uniforms/mannequin's" that some feel gave our starbases main hall the look of a shopping mall ?
(also , can the effects of these switches be made permanent ?)

- "Hazard's" and "strange objects" were always a part of the Star Trek myhos -- and in STO it is fun to navigate around hazards -- but there are much too few in game (I can count two space hazards at the moment , and they are the same hazard -- explosive gas) .
Are there plans to make missions that feature more dynamic environment's (space and ground) ?
The Gekli Feeding Grounds map or example featured a terrific fun & challenging space map to navigate .

- Where is the PVP revamp standing as of now ?
Still in the conceptual stages ? Is there a rough working model ? Where is it heading to ? What are the concepts Cryptic is entertaining in regards to a future PVP revamp ?

- Do un-edited Master Files of the original STF's exist ?
Can they be put in-game , in addition to the existing STF's ?
(I'm not looking for a grand prize , just for a chance to spend more than 10-15 minutes in a complicated , changing and challenging environment with friends)

- While there has been new gameplay added through out Seasons 6-7 , the majority of it has been a repetitive game play that was designed to feed "the grind" .
Two seasons back-to-back of such game play have taken a toll , and some feel that this is all that's STO has left to offer ... with the occasional episode being thrown out once or twice a year .
What can you tell us to reassure us that the grind will be just a part of the endgame STO experience , instead of the vast majority of it ?

- STO AI has always been a hit and miss , but has seen improvement . Where and how do you see it improving more ?

- DStahl mentioned that once you raise the level cap , there is an interest in allowing the players to make use of their existing Starships that they own .
This is a departure from what we know as STO today and I was wondering how do you see such an idea being implemented ?
Are you thinking of having those ships as "combat pets" in space ? Are you thinking of sending them "off screen" to do missions like the Doff system ? Something else perhaps ?

- Speaking of the Doff system , that system has seen little upgrade since it's introduction .
Some claim that it's simply been co-opted for the Starbase/embassy/reputation systems instead .
Are there any future plans for the Doff system that actually involve Doffs ?
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