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# 138 Server instable AGAIN
02-08-2013, 02:13 AM
Just an FYI to DEVs that the server is bugged as ever. I believe they were looking into some solutions but IMO don't see that much difference. No whinning or complaining just stating a fact.
Since 3 years when this game launched there hasn't been done much to expand server capability. We have seen the same server problems that either put players in backlogs of un-ending queues or just throwing players constantly out of gameplay. I know it's not my connection since I have fiber connection with 30Mbps speed. In less than 1 hr this morning (1am-2am PST) I was thrown out 4 times already out of the server and I know this keeps happening to a lot of people:

Just a few of the many server issues players having in a timespan of 2 weeks....

It's a bit naive to think STO will get a whole lot more of new players such as F2P offered with the same server infrastructure of 3 yrs ago and same OLD issues that keep coming time after in the forums and tech support's like having dialup for internet old fashion and antiquated technology.
I hope someone it's looking for solutions specially as in the future (season 8 or expansion) STO is planning to bring more players and at the same time hopefully BETTER solutions to reduce any bottlenecks.