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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Just another copy and paste Fed mission!

Why is the KDF invovled - Yar's timeline was at war with KDF where 30 billion lives had been lost - but she shows up there at the Tholin base and has no problem with a KDF helping her escape with the KDF captain taking command of the Ent-C?? You got to be joking.

This mission is just another Fed mission with a slight change in who will make the distraction of the Tholin guard.

Keep believing in the Line that they will finish the KDF - but they could not make the 3rd anniv mission a little more that a Fed copy paste?

Yes Yar's timeline was at war with the KDF, but she also knew that her timeline was wrong, just as wrong as the one she finds herself in now. She knows that the real timeline is one where the Federation and the Klingons are NOT at war and are indeed allies. However none of that can happen unless the Enterprise C returns to Narendra and is destroyed/captured helping to save the Klingons from the Romulans. It is therefore absoultely correct that she should seek help from both a Federation or KDF officer, it is in both these peoples interestes to restore the timeline which will result in no war costing billions of lives and no Tholian invasion of the Alpha Quadrant.

This is one of those rare cases where the interests of the many outweigh the interests of the few or the one. It matters not which faction you are from, hell if there were a Romulun faction this mission would still work, as although in a way the Romulan sent back would be assisting the defeat of his own forces in the Narendra battle, he would also be preserving his entire race from Tholian anhilation. However in STO this gets a little more complex because Romulus is destroyed as we all know but at the time of the TNG episode it wasn't so again it would make sense.

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